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What is an Organized Home? by Calm the Chaos Organizing

What is an organized home?
Many people think having an organized home means pretty bins and baskets.  I’m not saying pretty bins are not nice, and once you have things in order it is definitely an investment worth making.  However, having an organized home means everything in your home has a place to live.  Having an organized home also means there are routines and systems in place to keep it organized, and everyone in the home knows what these systems are (YES everyone - teens and hubby included!).  Having an organized home involves having control around things like laundry, meal time, cleaning, etc.
The biggest struggle many people have is knowing where to start! One of the most common statements is  “I have so much going on in my life I just don’t know what to do first.”  While this may look different for everyone my philosophy is that you need to start at ground zero and gradually work through gaining an organized home.  It does not happen overnight.  It often takes months, even a year to get a home from a state of chaos to a state of calm.  I tell people that they need to visualize what their life will look and feel like after their home and routines are working for them.  Our homes should be a place of calm and relaxation not filled with overwhelm and dread. I ask clients to picture in their mind what their home will feel and look like once the routines and systems are in place.  When they become overwhelmed this is the picture I want them to remember.  
In my Calm the Chaos Membership we start with getting the essentials under control first.  We create routines around meal planning, fridge and pantry maintenance, laundry and cleaning.  Once we have established routines in these areas we move on to the decluttering stage.  This stage varies for everyone but is instrumental before starting any actual organizing.  Depending on the amount of stuff a home has will depend on how long this takes.  In the membership we walk through space by space, decluttering all those items you don’t use, don’t need or have too many of.  We think about what is serving a purpose and realize the importance of letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose.  
If you are looking to start the organizing journey, I encourage you to start with decluttering.  The fancy bins are nice but resist the urge to purchase until you have decluttered.  Just pick one drawer, one shelf or one cupboard and start.  Be ruthless in your decluttering.  Your future self will thank you!  
For more organizing tips give me a follow @calmthechaosorganizing on both FB and IG. You are welcome to join my Free Facebook community called Calm the Chaos Organizing Community (must answer the questions to be admitted).  If you are interested in digging deep and getting more control over your home, join the waitlist for my membership so you can be the first to know when the doors are open, click the link below. We would love to see you on the inside! 




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