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The Fall of Sisterhood

The fall of sisterhood is what’s fundamentally wrong with today’s western society.
There’s no more emphasis on supporting one another. When did the natural and essential act of sisterhood come to an end?
Caring for each other’s children.
Supporting women during birth.
Stepping up during the postpartum phase to allow the mother to heal.
Providing a safe community for comfort, connection, wisdom sharing and guidance.
We lack this connection more than ever. So many mothers experience pregnancy, birth, and motherhood alone.
We lack the wise guidance of our Crone grandmothers, the fierce compassion of the Matriarch, the endless love of a Mother and the joyful presence of the Maiden.
There’s a reason why we struggle day to day through our phases of motherhood, we aren’t meant to do this alone.
Sending love to my fellow Sisters who are calling in their community ❤️✨
- Spearmint and Sage Birth Doula 
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