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10 Lessons Everyone Learns from a Minimum-Wage Job

10 Lessons Everyone Learns from a Minimum-Wage Job

1. You are not human. You are an ATM, a punching bag and a face to flirt with.

2. You now understand the appeal of stripping. You wore makeup and a nice (maybe lower)

shirt to work one day and the tip jar was filled with toonies instead of nickels.

3. You become an introvert. You thought you were a people person until you started this

job, now you understand the appeal of cats. You would rather hear nails scrape against

a chalkboard than have a person say “hello” to you in your apartment elevator after your

8 hour shift.

4. You now know you’ll have to pursue a master’s degree; anything to guarantee you will

not work a minimum wage job for the rest of your life.

5. You realize you are socially awkward. You have said “I’m good” when people ask what

today’s special is. Multiple times. You can only blame it on the masks a finite amount of


6. You make friends with people you would not approach in any other situation. That guy

with the face tattoos and controversial clothing is now your work-husband.

7. You will never go into a store less than 15 minutes before they close. You understand the

mental breakdown an employee will experience if you enter the Starbucks door at 9:56

pm. You relate to underpaid and overworked employees.

8. Your $5 latte is worth more than the $5 you paid. It is either your pride and joy; the only

thing that wakes you up in the morning. Or, it is now worth fifteen minutes of labour and

you are weaning yourself off of it for 7-Eleven $1.25 coffee.

9. Adults are children with disposable incomes.

Is there anything more to add? They leave a mess, have an entitled attitude and expect

to be treated as priority.

10. If everyone worked a minimum-wage job once in their life, the world would be a better

place and “Karens” would not exist.

Thanks to our Anonymous writer for this hilarious piece! Reminder to always BE KIND! 

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